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How was she at the janitor job "

Originally Posted by PaulH1 View Post
Whist I have no problem at all with female pilots, I can give you a couple of examples where some women cannot do the job as well as men. I am talking about the biz jet world where the crew have to do a lot more in the way of pre and post flight checks than in the airlines.

Example 1: On the HS125 releasing and locking the nose wheel door latch takes a strong grip on some aircraft. I have not met many women able to do this. (the nose wheel doors have to be opened to insert the nose wheel locking pin before the aircraft can be moved)

Example 2: Removing and replacing the front engine covers on a Falcon 2000 requires balancing on the top of a stepladder while unclipping and securing the top strap. In the wind and rain it is not easy. Most female pilots that I have flown with simply refuse to climb the ladder, putting the onus on the other pilot, if male, or paying for the services of an engineer if one is to hand.

Men tend to be taller and physically stronger than women so the above is no criticism but a simple fact.
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