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Originally Posted by Hot 'n' High View Post
Unnecessary? Sadly, human nature. In my village, if you want to know anything about anyone there are 3 ladies of a "certain age" who, if you ask any one of them, will have the full Intel on just about anything going on. GCHQ/NSA/SVR/etc could learn a thing or two from these 3!
It was many villages who had a group of elderly women who decided the future of the village. Young buck 1 wants to get with young fawn 1 but the ladies keep them as far apart as possible and one hooks up with someone else from another village. Supposedly different parents but reality same dad and few knew this.

Young man gets with lassie from another village to keep the genes strong and bless he thinks it was just chance he came with someone to pick something up from the village and lassie was there.

In many places they also acted as the mid wives. The child born disabled or likely to be a burden sadly never made it through their 1st day.

Somehow mankind believes it is clever and the old ways were ancient and laughable.
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