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Originally Posted by Less Hair View Post
They seem to take quite long to practically move after deciding. Said to be about shops and renters needing to get compensation for the emptied place.
It feels like the german government assumes the situation might not normalize before Easter traffic maybe later again. I still hope for summer travel 21.
At least the MAX will be back. BER desperately needs FR.
As far as the government is concerned, I suspect they know more than the are willing to tell us. They deliver the bad news slice-wise. By pure luck I have been given my first Covid 19 vaccination a few days ago, second to follow on 23 June. Which means, I am in a waiting position for another three months. Rather than cancelling a flight to Athens lately, I rebooked it to the end of September. Only God knows if that works. Plan a trip with my family later this year, it is all put on hold because of all the uncertainty. I doubt, very much, if air travel will run as normal again in the foreseeable future. Summer 21 would be a dream, not only for the customers, but also for the pilots and cabin staff who eagerly wait to go back to work. In my opinion safe air travel - and planning - will be back, once the majority of people have been vaccinated,
and, as proof, present their good old yellow WHO vaccination pass on arrival. Its like going back more than 50 years, when the yellow booklet was mandatory for world wide travel, and when during transit at Bombay the health officer walked through cabin, a can with disinfection spray in each hand. There are relatively simple solutions, but everything needs to be related at a " app ", and gets more complicated.

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