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Cornish Jack. #15

i agree that it is the "Union" flag, but part of it contains the "English" flag, so is the one to be flown in England, innit ?

if you want to persist with your stance I will point out that ... akcherly ... it's the "Union Jack" and should only be displayed at sea, on the Jackstaff. QED.

My point is that I'm biologically English, Yorkshire actually, and should I choose to return to live in England I would proudly display anything that proclaimed my cultural origin should I choose to, and strongly object to those denying me that privilege who were from different ones, whilst still accepting their right to proclaim theirs too, providing of course they didn’t try to dilute the Englishness of everything English around me.

Unfortunately the sun is now setting on one of the outposts of the British Empire (literally, we put the clocks back tonight) Goodnight.
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