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EVERY airline has infant seatbelts, which they hand out to pax with infants...
My wife and I traveled on a number of airlines with our infant daughter, at the time, and were never offered one (and I admit, did not ask either). After a quick search, I see that there is a "CARES" belt system which can be purchased. My search also suggests that if the airlines are providing something, it's most likely an approved seatbelt extension, just being used as an independent belt for the infant. I'm all for seatbelt use (having ripped one out of an airplane myself), so if there's a way to secure an infant which meets the requirements, and does not involve sharing a seatbelt, I'm in favour....

Any seatbelt on an aircraft requires approval, which is somewhat involved. I also don't see any reference as to a standard for an infant seatbelt to be approved to. I make STC approved cargo nets, but I cannot easily get approval to reweb seatbelts, even though I can buy the approved webbing, and otherwise the process is the same as the cargo nets I can make - except the required TSO tag for the seatbelt. I have discussed with the regulator that rewebbing a seatbelt to the standard is a maintenance activity, but it still requires the TSO approval for aircraft use, which I cannot provide.
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