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LCC Commander to Long range commander is usually not such a big task as a typical EK pilot thinks - here the problem is EK training, which is not a training rather a checking from day one. EK makes of everything a ******* miracle which isn’t one - they had some high class trainers which would have trained people to success but most of these big picture guys where culled for lot of reasons (expected fail rate, to nice or just redundant)
EK DEC is only though in EK and only because of EK - the most difficult part in EK is just simply you have to talk everything to death in an amount where people stop listening which is corrected by more briefings which is definitive something a typical LCC guy doesn’t do for a lot of reasons, mostly because LCC flying, especially the time on ground does not allow such extensive talking through a flight prep.
the tasks you do on a A320 and a 380 are the same but on a 320 by the procedures of most LCC it’s done in 20 minutes
The cockpit prep video on a 380 is 45 minutes long - this are the differences
but if EK would train instead of constantly checking these are things you can easily manage, providing that you are doing your doing your homework, but that is not how EK works - EK is a company how believes to get better buy constantly putting pressure on their employees and some trainer have adjusted to that and having fun to let you feel how much they hold your live and career in their hands.
if you expect you go there to learn I can assure you, you only learn what you study yourself and what you are interested to know. And EK docs are not giving the answer to everything.
On top of that if a trainer doesn’t know something, there where just a view who would have been honest and would not have taken it personal if you got them. I came from a world before EK where a corrective input on a wrong statement of what a trainer said was never an issue it was always an open discussion to maximize the output of a training Session eventual for both parties. This is definitiv not the case in EK - again some trainers are amazing, unfortunately they are only on the minority side
and the future is gonna be interesting as a considerable amount of emiratisation will also influenz the training department and as an Emirati knows everything better and is just a better person by birth that’s gonna be an interesting training department as Wasta will be higher ranked in the future. The current A380 training manager, according to the rumors, has failed 3 sim checks a commander, but still climbs up the career ladder, where as an expat the show would have ended on fail number 2

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