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I think I've played plenty of homage to those who are struggling right now but beating it to death doesn't help anyone. I haven't flown an airplane myself for 12 months and have been hammered financially but looking forward with positivity is all we can do right now. And obviously mentioning my friend was a joke.

Passing assessments and being wanted by a company is obviously not a given but I didn't get this far in life by thinking I can't do things, I hope you figure things out and the next two years are kind to you and your family.

I did consider BA and TUI, solid companies but both would require a long term commitment to the UK and as a foreigner here it has not been a very welcoming country for a long time, people seem to not realise that who are on the outside these days. The only country I have ever been racially insulted actually. UK is not an option for my family growing up beyond the immediate future. As always I appreciate the replies, including the many PM's, and as an insight to them the common theme is stay the hell away from QR but that Emirates can be positive if you make it work.
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