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Ignoring what changes might come about post Covid, because no one really knows what they will be.

If it is really about an itch to fly long haul, and not about an itch to have a glitzy lifestyle then stay where you are until things recover, change fleet as soon as you can to get a useful type rating on your licence as a fall back, and then try to join BA as soon as possible. If you can do that in your mid thirties you will have a far more satisfying career than you’ll ever have in the Middle East, and your wife and kids will thank you for it.

If it’s about an itch for a glitzy life style then at the risk of sounding patronising there is a huge difference between visiting Dubai and staying in a smart hotel and visiting your best man’s bar, or living in a villa in the middle of nowhere next to the Al Ain road and flying 100 hours a month of deep nights and multiple time zone changes and minimum days off. There’s plenty about the Emirates / Dubai life style in the Middle East forum to help you make your mind up, but remember that in the Dubai you will experience as an expat pilot nothing that glitters is really made of gold.
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