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I agree with the DEC route being difficult and I would rather join as an FO and learn the ropes hence the original post, if it's survivable as an FO joining with a family already. If I joined in 3 years I would still only be mid thirties with up to 30 years of potential flying ahead of me if they don't burn me out first.

There is more to the decision than just the shiny jet and I wouldn't go if whatever new contracts they ruffle up were not up to scratch. I have a feeling however that we are all going to have to suffer for a few years but natural forces will out things back to normal sooner than we think, but I appreciate I am being optimistic. Anyway the wife has already started her research process so my application is basically already filled in! 😂

Without being a douche I would not be going to the sandpit dreaming of getting rich, I'm fairly comfortable financially as it is and as long as the salary covers the a decent lifestyle without being too flash that would be acceptable. Plus the best man at my wedding runs the biggest bar in Dubai but that's definitely not the reason for joining 🤔

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