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The answer is: You will save ~$100k in first 5 years in your provident fund as an FO. Obviously this depends on the market, and how you invest it.

As an FO you can support Wife + 3 kids and pay off the (assuming reasonable) mortgage back home. Little extra savings on top though.

Again, all depends on your lifestyle. Everything is expensive, so yes you could sit at home watching TV every day with the kids saving some cash - but that's not what you or the Wife came for.

Is the wife ready to be left alone in the desert with 3 kids for 20 days a month? If you have after-school activities it quickly adds up; $1000-1500/month per kid for e.g Music classes. A typical restaurant dinner with the wife is easily $150-200+.

Yes, can have a great lifestyle. But with 3 kids - come with the expectation that you won't be saving anything for a while.
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