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Mate, EK will contribute 12% of BASIC salary eligible to take the full amount 5 years into service. I was close to 8 years. If you are dismissed for any reason except redundancy you are only eligible for your contribution which amounts to 5% and it is an easy thing to happen. 2 kids is fine as long as your spouse works and you live below your means. 3 kids it will stretch the limits of your budget as everything is supper expensive. If you cook at home, don’t have a maid, have a cheap car and no expensive hobbies and no vacations to fancy destinations you will be ok with no extra. And If I were you I wouldn’t plan for a trip down the Me anytime soon. 1500 pilots were made redundant and others are with UL, recruitment teams are also let go so I guess they don’t expect any recruitment fairly soon and a lot of the redundant pilots including my self would gladly accept their old job back.

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