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The UK National CPL always had embedded IMC privileges, they are listed in the ANO Schedule 8
The problem is that the validity of the UK CPL or ATPL is confined to Non Part 21 Aircraft (formerley Annex I) you cannot exercise the privileges on a Part 21 Aircraft formerly an EASA aircrafft

If you held a National licence issued in accordance with JAR-FCL (post 1999) then it did not include the embedded IMC priviledges and a seperate IMC rating was required together with the 25 month revalidation process.

A UK issued EASA CPL is now a UK Part FCL Licence and to use imc priviledges you need either a valid IR or a IR(Restricted)/IMC rating with the 25 month revalidation.
You can still exercise the privileges of both an IR and a IMC with a Class II medical; you only need a Class I to exercise commercial privileges.

This topic has occurred on a number of occasions recently and it raises the question, how does a pilot know with licence they actually hold. Apart from the first page there is no difference between remaining pages. If you held a National licence pre JAA you will probably remember, but that is now over 20 years ago. The differences between licences vanished when the CAA started to print them all from the same software.
If you hold an old UK National Licence with an IR it will say Instrument in Section XII but if you did not hold an IR it may not say anything though you have inbuilt IMC privileges. It should say Instrument with a Limitation stating privileges limited to those of an embedded IMC rating. (But does it?)
If you hold an old JAA licence it will say Instrument and have a limitation if you have IMC privileges, these are not built in and revalidation applied.
If you exchanged a JAA for an EASA licence the IMC rating will appear as an IR(R) and may be accompanied by an IR if held. Again the IR(R) will include the limitation relating to IMC privileges held and the 25 month revalidation applies.

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