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Still waiting for somebody to find an accident where the cabin door on a certified light aircraft, opened on takeoff and then detached and hit the airplane.

Instructors have a duty to teach appropriate responses to realistic threats. The door coming off the airplane during the takeoff and hitting the aircraft which then renders it uncontrolable is I guess theoretically possible, but it is not a realistic threat. The message to students for the open door scenario should be;

- don't panic as it is not likely to present an imminent threat,
- maintain control of the aircraft
- If sufficient runway remains to come to a stop with normal braking, then do that and exit the runway to fix the issue with the door. Make the required radio calls as appropriate but not at the expense of aircraft control
- If any doubt exist as to remaining runway, then do not attempt to close the door, continue the takeoff, fly a circuit, land and fix the issue with the door.

There is enough made up nonsense in flight training already, we don't need more ....
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