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Originally Posted by Aegis8 View Post
This reads like propaganda to get more Nato funding or wishful thinking from the west. The reality in Russia is far removed from this and it would take a Nato invasion of Russia for any conventional war to start. These writeups seem to assume that Russians are stupid and/or have no access to foreign news/info so they can make informed choices. There are enough domestic issues and nobody wants to be saddled with 3 more poor Baltic states, who don't want to be part of the Russian Federation. Russian forces dying in a foreign country does not sit well with Russians, Syria demonstrated this. So there will be no public support for any cross border adventures. This is not what Nato/the West wants to hear or see, so the war drums must be beaten ever more loudly to drown out common sense and reality.

Perhaps Nato and the West should try actual diplomacy and not just preach to and place demands Russia.

My 2 cents.
The problem is not the Russian people. Russia should be a major part of the World and international affairs. The problem is Putin, and his cronies, who have tied their personal interests to national policy. There is a worry that any successor might be worse.

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