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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
The more difficult question is, if money and manpower for new kit requires something (as in a fleet with all costs in support it implies) has to go - what would you chop instead?

Other rumours indicating, of course, as usual, that the Puma fleet and RAF Regiment are also already on the possible chop list.....
In my first neck of the wood, there are already concerns about the Marshalls move and now this. Iíve assured friends and acquaintances as long as the Swedes, the Danes, the Dutch, the Kuwaitis and Qataris and now the USN/USMC fly them, then the Herks will always be seen and heard. In fact I was taking a stroll through Fen Ditton few weeks back when I caught this Dutch one on approach for some u/c work.

also before Xmas, took a stroll down Coldhams Lane and saw the first of many Marine Corps KC-130J (itís still here lasti heard) to arrive for maintenance work.

Puma situation is the equivalent of a heart or an organ transplant anyhow with the replacement penned in with this weeks International Military Helicopter conference.

Was there Not a similar rumor about the Rock Apes around a decade ago??


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