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Originally Posted by Car RAMROD View Post
Hot from the current CAO....
As as you can see, no requirement for visual or electronic slope guidance (you do need at least one suitable IAP though).

However, always check your ops manual. Your company may have gone above/beyond the regulations and require it (unlikely though).

Additionally, if there is an airport-specific requirement that approach slope guidance is required (the only place I can think of is YPXM for high-capacity ACFT, see ERSA), then I would say if you are using that airport for EDTO adequate coverage, then in that specific instance you would require its PAPI to be operational. It could probably be argued that under the direct EDTO rules as quoted you wouldn’t need the PAPI at YPXM, but the smart money is you’d still want them operable at this location for the EDTO coverage anyway, even if it wasn’t legally required.
Good example of importance of solid route planning - AS you say, not very smart if you want to fly into YPXM on a dark night with no PAPI/slope guidance no matter what the EDTO alternate regs may permit.

But to keep the regulatory query theme going, assuming functional PAPIs and all airport infrastructure and landing performance ok etc, can you use YPXM as an EDTO Alternate?

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