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Originally Posted by chobo97 View Post
I dont know about NZ and Aus, but for you to be a Flight Instructor or getting any flying job in US I'm pretty sure you must have a green card first. You are already in the right option, in today world I think securing a job after flight training is the most important and convinience things to do. Because it will make you easier to do flight training without thinking about getting a job after getting your license. Doesn't matter if its only sitting in jumpseat as long as it pays you for your flight training. And also for SO program in Singapore, they dont state it in their website but its usually SG and MY citizen only who get called for interview.
The bottom 2 lines. That's the disadvantages of being a Hongkonger (I guess) when your hometown airline is a s##tty place to work at...
Not to mention the NSL and the tightening grip in general which makes the QOL of Hong Kong deteriorate at an unprecedented rate. Hongkongers, regardless of status, are emigrating, or planning to emigrate, left and right.
Looks like the hour building process for me would be much longer and much more painful...

sddsddppl, good idea and CX's cadet program may be the only choice that works out for me. Having a PPL can show to the interviewers that you care about flying. Thank you so much for the idea
My first priority ATM is to save my school grades

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