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By all means do your own study and make an informed decision based on facts. Never has an introduction of vaccines received this much "noise".

For years, science has proved beyond doubt the risk/benefit arguments for or against vaccination. Sure science has stuffed up along the way but for humankind it has done tremendous good.

This time round - it's every grandma and auntie's WhatsApp/Tik Tok/YouTube Video that has muddied the field. So much so mainstream media needs to dedicate a page just to debunk the myths and present the facts. Information overload or social media has really worked against Public Health policies. Not forgetting some World Leaders, if you call them that piling on to the misinformation - only takes a minute to do a deep cleansing.

Influencers or anyone with a voice doing a disservice whilst publishing half baked facts and distorting the facts to fit a narrative. Prostate surgeons sending viral tweets how the number of excess deaths are a mistake.

National pride working at finger pointing, trumpet sounding rather than working together to solve this for humanity.

National pride preventing acceptance of vaccines from an "enemy state" because of border disputes.

It would certainly be embarrassing to LAND ASAP based on half investigated rumour about "smoke" in the cabin.
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