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What is the call sign you are using for an air ambulance operation in your respective countries? In North America, for a life-critical flight we call it MEDEVAC but I know it might be different in Europe. I may have heard the term HOSPITAL flight.

Excl. Helis, In the UK and I believe the extended EU area, as a whole Ambulance/Medevac/Hospital flights are not required to use specific callsigns containing any reference to being any kind of medical flight, Most will use their own company callsign, one or two will put AMB at the end of the callsign, though that's not mandatory.

'Medical' Flights are denoted by what is contained within Field 18 (Remarks) of the FPL. Example STS/HOSP is very common within the UK or MEDEVAC can be used, but this is exceptionally rarely used in the UK/EU by civillian operators. Military occasionally use it but it is generally North American terminology. HOSP/MEDEVAC will not form any part of the radio callsign.

Privilages are NOT automatically granted to 'Medical' flights in terms of exemptions, however ATC will be aware of the filed status (STS) due the above and provide 'special/priority handling' as required according to the laid out rules.

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