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You are aware that any airline can put their entire staff on furlough and unfurlough them at 24 hours notice for as little as one day, right? Do you think every airline that hasn’t cancelled flights 10 weeks in advance doesn’t have staff on furlough?

You would say it’s good business. Unfortunately it’s not good business, except for the other companies that’ll be hoovering up the business of those passengers who have leave booked in March and want a holiday, and are willing to take the chance that their holiday may be cancelled and they may have to get another refund closer to the time.

I have a flight booked for March 2nd, and have every intention of taking it. If the airline cancelled it now, 7 weeks in advance, I’d be rebooking with another airline almost instantly. Just because a few people on here believe “nobody is booking anything”, does mean it’s true.

Cancelling all flights and holidays 10 weeks in advance is daft, and I’ve yet to see an argument that says otherwise.
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