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Originally Posted by FlyingStone View Post
Bleed configuration has no effect on engine anti-ice, as the air comes directly from 5th/9th stage.

The issue is more with wing anti-ice, which is used in icing/freezing condition on the ground (unless aircraft is protected by Type II/IV de-icing fluid). Wing anti-ice should not be used with bleeds takeoff, as isolation valve is closed in that case, meaning only left wing would receive air for wing anti-ice.

Wing anti-ice is off during normal takeoff as well (valves close when thrust levers are advanced for takeoff), and it is very rare that you would need to use it immediately after takeoff.
like an idiot I misread it. It states anti-ice, not engine anti-ice and therefore must be referring to wing anti-ice.

Iím not sure I can think of a time when wing anti-ice would be used during taxi though. Are there operators that use it along with fluid treatment?
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