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The exception to that rule was the 'stall the aircraft into the treetops' option that was sometimes exercised when faced with an unplanned glider over an extensive forest. In this particular case, the aircraft, or the occupant I should say, may have benefited from encountering some bushes or small trees, but the manner in which it arrived suggests that any control over the path was lost at an earlier stage. Fostex's point has also been stated as 'fly the aircraft as far into the crash as possible' although I cannot remember who was the source for that nugget of wisdom.
What made this video stand out for me is that we rarely see the last part of the arrival in such detail. Fortunately the occupant is still alive to tell the tale. The point about the spar being below the seats is an interesting one. I am aware of the fact that light aeroplanes, including twins, rarely have much of a crumple zone below the seats or floor. Take a C150 for example where the distance between your own back end and the bottom of the fuselage is only a couple of inches. It makes the fact that the pilot survived this accident all the more rare.
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