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Originally Posted by huge72 View Post
I flew with Rick Head, Adrian Knockles and Mike Barter in the 80's on the Wessex. Have lost track of all but the last time I saw Mike Barter was on a Herc in Masirah during Ex Saif Saria in 2001. I believe he was Stn Cdr at Odiham at the time and went on to be College Commandant at Cranwell in 2002.
Just before RH arrived on 72 Sqn at Aldergrove, one of the trainer's came into the crewroom with a list of new joiner's.
"You will never believe it, we have a guy coming called Rick Head"!
So, like you do, we got all the jests ready for his arrival.

RH arrives (I can still see him framed in the crewroom door) and announces loudly (always with RH!):
"Good morning gentlemen, my name is Richard Head".
"Also known as..............................." Reeling off every combination possible.

Happy Days!


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