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CASA views on Runway Maintainance

The council owned airport at YSHT Shepparton Airport is going to get a new all singing all dancing taxiway that will run parallel to he northern end of 18/36.
At the the last aerodrome committee of management meeting, the council engineer said that the council would close the airport for six weeks while construction was going on.
I suspect we are being fed a bullshit line here, as I distinctly remember some years ago flying into Cunnamulla airport and landing beyond a displaced threshold and final was over the top of machinery.
They said something about the infringement on the runway splay by a fence.
But of course when the taxiway is operational, aircraft taxiing will infringe on the splay of any aircraft landing , so thats a a bit of a furphy.
Is anyone out there in airport land who has been thru a similar construction phase without having to completely close the airport?
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