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Originally Posted by airspace alpha View Post
Interesting. I count around 170 fixed wing aircraft visible in that image ( or course more in hangars). Mostly it must be said CAE/Oxford, RVAC, Learn to Fly, wrecks and dumped Soar. I've a collection of older aerial images and the one for 1996, in last days of the FAC, shows around 180. Mostly GFS as was, and RVAC, and of course wrecks.
The next Master Plan for Moorabbin (and in fact most federal leased airports) is due out later this year for consultation
Last time i saw aeroplanes dumped like soar, was at tulla when Ansett went under! hopefully that master plan is actually sensible, as there is talk of relocating an apron in-between 35R and 31L, I just think that will end in disaster

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