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Lot of Monday Morning Quarter-backing going on here. . . . if only they had your skills. . . .
I've only done four emergency power off landings, and all in singles, but I have not damaged one doing it. I'm not saying that I could apply skills to preventing a messy crash under these circumstances. But I would apply my skill to try to arrive to the crash site with flying speed and under control. I've done a lot of advance single engine type training, and I find generally that the candidate pilot has not recently practiced power off landings - so we do.

When I had the great pleasure of a day's visit with former contributor here, John Farley, he told me many inspiring stories about flight testing Hawker Harriers. One of them was his intended power off landing in a Harrier on the dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base (effectively unlimited length runway). Though I have never flown anything like a Harrier, I believe that if it can be successfully landed power off, any GA plane can. It may be messy, for lack of a decent plot of open land, but it should be under some control. I was inspired by John to maintain these basic skills, and to pass on their importance.

This video shows exactly what I warn pilots I train to not do - get slow power off, and loose control.
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