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Bob Viking
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I think your question is not really comparing apples with apples.

You said fixed wing but, as Iím sure youíre aware, there is a huge difference between flying a C17 and flying a Typhoon. I donít think you can compare the quality of the job based on the flying alone and certainly not the amount of time spent at low level.

I cannot speak for the multi engine airframes and Iím a bit too far removed from the frontline to speak with any authority on the current platforms. However, if you were to ask me now which platform I would most like to fly it would be F35 in a heartbeat with Typhoon so close behind in second place that they would be barely distinguishable.

My comment, though, is based on the fact that I have previously spent an awful lot of time at low level and, whilst I still love it (I was last flying at low level about 50 minutes ago), I would not be so bothered about whether or not my platform were still employed in that environment.

I donít think anybody would join the RAF to fly the Hawk T1 specifically but you are probably correct that they (100 Sqn and 736 NAS) spend the most time at LL. The Valley based Hawk T2s still do some LL but not as much as they used to.

Provided your only aim was to fly at LL and the aircraft type were of no concern, you may find that the Tac Hercules Sqn spend more time down there but I genuinely have no idea.

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