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Fast jet squadrons schedule their flying in the same way as described above for RW. My experience has been that support from Flt Ops staff is invaluable in getting the programme 90% complete and coordinating with external agencies. However the intimate familiarity of the aircrew themselves with training requirements, individuals' strengths and weaknesses, likely effect of the weather on intended aims, etc, means that the "Programmer" (a secondary duty carried out on a rotational basis by the more capable junior aircrew) is one of the key figures in squadron middle-management.

Ascent provide a civilian programmer at Valley so that no QFI is 'wasted' on programming when they could be instructing. Although the programming task is simpler than the endless variations possible at the front line, I gather there were issues with lack of flexibility, particularly in adapting syllabus progression or sortie content to the weather. Don't know whether that has improved as they've gained experience?
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