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Originally Posted by ExAscoteer2 View Post

There is no place for such sexist drivel in the 21st C. Especially given that we have had female aircrew for some 30 years!
Agree, but trying to cover history is ??????. What next. We do not report beheading's, people being burnt alive because there is no place for that type of behaviour in the 21st C even though it is happening? Aircraft art today should be reflective of what society finds acceptable (which I find amusing given societies sensibilities of the 1940’s where I think most of this art came from) with the possible exception of war time operations. If someone is going to fly their metal steed into action with the possibility of not returning than perhaps they have the right to be a bit racy. Otherwise we end up with the importance of wearing clean underwear so we are not embarrassed if we have an accident that has ripped a body limb off.
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