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Ask yourself how many countries or cities in Asia are "free" in the Western sense. Japan, Taiwan, maybe Korea, that's it. Then look at all the pre-Covid) fast growing and emerging countries like U.A.E., Singapore, Qatar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam etc. None of them has Western human rights standards.

The job market for pilots and the future of Cathay do not depend necessarily on the political freedom of Hong Kong, but on the economy and more specifically on the aviation sector. As sad as the demise of freedom rights in HK is, the city is far from "dying" but changing.

The ascent of China and Asia has just begun, and with a loyal government in charge HK will have the continous support of Beijing. I believe Hong Kong will be one of the richest and most prosperous cities of the 21th century, globally, not only in China. Whether expats will be or want to be a part of it is a different story.

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