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Great thread to get away from the 737 stuff, although I started the RTS one here.

The whole thing about the yaw due to motor and CG is very complicated. It all comes down to moments and the aero surfaces to keep the pointy end fwd.

It would seem that using "toe in" on some planes with so-called centerline thrust would be a good idea. I don't know how to help yaw with motors on the wing out there 10 or 15 meters, especially considering the pitch moment they exert. Seems to me that the yaw would be more evident than the pitch. Oh well....

I flew one neat jet that FAA certified me for "centerline thrust", but that sucker would kill you if you were on one motor and tried TOGA without getting a gob of rudder in before cramming the one throttle full fwd. It was our first loss, and we had another a few years later for a go around on one motor. Cessna actually angled the engines in toward the average ceegee, but that motor was much more than the aero folks figured.

Great thread and I hope to learn sonme stuff.
Meanwhile, I wish all a prosperous new year and hope y'all had a cosmic Christmas.
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