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NB: shipping an aircraft such as a C-182 by container will most likely result in severe damage. And, you won't be able to repair it and/or put it back together at your destination!

I have flown a C-182 from the U.S. to Gaborone (i.e.: non-stop FOOL-FYWH, just off the coast line, abeam FNMO, Namibia border on the coast, then direct WHV, with a ferry tank though. Non-stop FYWH-FKKD would also be feasible - the ferry tank & installation cost might be less than having to stop). BWDIK.

In your case, and with no ferry tank, you will have to pre-arrange 100LL at each fuel stop; that might be a challenge.
I would go over Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Gabon. No need to land in DRC!
The attached route is just an example (note that it goes right over FYOA, that would be a good fuel stop).

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