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Originally Posted by OK465 View Post
I may be in error, but in contrast as far as I can tell, I can find no Eurofighter Typhoon crashes fatal or otherwise this year. What is that attributable to?

Lack of reporting?, fewer hours flown, more hours flown?, less simulation, more simulation?, more supervision, less supervision, better supervision?, more experience, less experience?, less demanding employment, more demanding employment?, newer machine, mature machine?, better COVID protocols?

Better luck?
Not a Typhoon driver, so I don't have a clue how things are in their community, but I bet their high commands are challenging their numbers of flight hours as well. Wiki says 4 deadly crashes since 2017, last one in 2019 when the Germans suffered a mid air during ACM. 571 built total.
I think the Typhoon also have something like Auto GCAS, which might reduce the level of CFIT and SDO losses, which claimed a large amount of the F-16 and F-15 pilots lost this past year. Auto GCAS still not operational on all F-16 and to my knowledge not available for the F-15.

Completely agree with Easy Street on this one:

.....but the F15 and the Shaw F16 mishaps both seem to show a high level of ambition in the training of their junior pilots. Poor supervision and more demanding employment are potentially the same thing in this situation. Trouble is, as long as a majority of group and squadron commanders cross their fingers and hope that their units escape mishap for a couple of years instead of down-declaring certain roles,...
.....a moment of reckoning will only come when some outside agency forces an assessment of the rising accident rate.
Lets hope that moment came with the 1. december report.
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