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Haley, I cannot help you with the information you seek but could I please, politely, gently, ask that your forthcoming TV series refers to 'aircraft' rather than 'plane? The latter word should generally be used to refer to a flat surface.

Please forgive me for bringing this up, but despite the largely best intentions of so many news reporters, and some documentary producers, their output often assumes that when aircraft are on the ground incidents and accidents only happen on the 'runway'. The runway is merely one part of the several sections of an airport that make up the area where an aircraft will normally manouevre, when it is not in airborne flight. Other ground manoeuvring areas include the 'apron' or 'hardstand', which is where aircraft usually park Another is the taxiway, which is intended to allow an aircraft to move from it's parking spot to the runway, and back again at the end of the flight.

Trust me, I am not trying to be condescending, in any way, but it is a regular source of disappointment to the aviation fraternity when stories about aviation get the terminology wrong. For all I know, you may be pretty familar with aviation terminology, so please take this within the spirit it is given, and we all look for ward to the series, when it screens. Good luck.

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