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I wouldnít be too dismissive of MAN ability to regain its premium traffic. Pre COVID all my Cathay flights were full up front, likewise my EK A380s were the same. Even the evening Finnair connecting at Helsinki flights up front were full.
No frills market offer low cost air carriers but not always necessarily low fares. Screwing airports for slots and facilities paying peanuts isnít always a win win.
T1 is well past its sell by date and as MANFAN says this up down up down fiasco on piers B & C usually on non working escalators is beyond a joke.
ignore the premium market at your peril.
My colleagues usually travel premium economy but at flexible fares that are much higher than business saver tickets. They usually have access to premium check in and luggage but travel mid cabin- but donít expect to be treated like cattle.
Here in Hong Kong the non working escalators / lifts and security cock ups at MAN were the source of much conversation with the result some always booked via LHR because of the smoother and better facilities there for premium pax.With better premium facilities they could have attracted even more pax than they did. The facilities lost traffic.
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