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Originally Posted by nigelsomers View Post
You are such a terrible human being. To call me and other people "scabs" is insulting. I am fresh to this aviation industry and never thought that asking to work for free would create so much hysteria in a forum. You really need to be more thoughtful in your responses. You really do remind me of a school yard bully. I'm sure you wouldn't say that to my face if we had this same conversation at an aerodrome.

I have been reading everybody's responses here and most of it is meaningful insights. "you're a scab" is childish my friend.
There is a large amount of the industry that lurk around these forums. Please. If your username is anything close to your real name, stop posting. Nothing good will come of it.

You don't owe it to anyone here to justify your position if you still haven't changed your mind from the replies you have recieved.
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