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What do plumbers or accountants have to do with it? That's a false equivalence and irrelevant. What matters is our industry as commercial pilots. Our pay and conditions are hard fought, and are directly undermined by people willing to work for less or work for free.
I'm referring to pilots who have those qualifications who work for free just so they get a flying job. Is that acceptable but flying for free is not? What about working for free cleaning aircraft or in the office so you can get a foot in the door? What's the difference?

why are you fervently defending scabs so much then?
I am not defending it I'm ambivalent about it. There are three issues in play one is how do you get experience when you don't have any and people I saw who did work for free or paid to fly did well out of it. It was probably a good use of their time/money. Thirdly there is no real repercussion for doing it in fact you are rewarded through career progression.

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