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Originally Posted by neville_nobody View Post
I have never worked for free or paid for commercial operations.
why are you fervently defending scabs so much then?

Originally Posted by neville_nobody View Post
So it's criminal to work for free as a pilot but OK to work for free as a plumber or accountant or LAME?? In fact those guys used to annoy me more. It was like just having a commercial license and few hours wasn't enough, you needed to have some other totally unrelated qualification that took 3-4 years to obtain just so you might get a shot a flying some clapped out aircraft.
What do plumbers or accountants have to do with it? That's a false equivalence and irrelevant. What matters is our industry as commercial pilots. Our pay and conditions are hard fought, and are directly undermined by people willing to work for less or work for free.
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