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Originally Posted by Jay Reid View Post
Hi guys so I qualified before lockdown and was wondering if anyone had any information on obtaining any unpaid overseas flying to build up some hours? Obviously right now I'm up to my eyeballs in debt (roughly 130k) I'm also no spring chicken (the hairline recession is beginning to scare away the opposite sex!) Haha so really I want to focus this period on obtaining some flying hours and it seems there's nothing to be found in the UK right now, I'm thinking of overseas opportunities where I could for instance be involved in flying livestock from places like the Far East and India, this would be of course 100% voluntary and unpaid if anyone has any info on whether there's an opportunity here to build hours or even if this is a good idea I'd appreciate it.

Thanks 👍
Donít worry China will not take you on, CAAC stopped issuing CPLís to foreigners from 2012. You basically have to have an ATPL in order to even step into the Chinese market for foreigners. Especially in these current conditions, the market is already saturated with local airline pilots only flying once or twice a week domestically.

Goodluck looking elsewhere, but Iím pretty sure companies will raise an eyebrow if you are wanting to work for free. You would probably be better off with those pay for rating & hour schemes, which is better than fly for free. Just my pinch of salt.
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