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When aviation recovers there will be a lot of folks with new license in the queue.

How can you make yourself more attractive.

1. Build hours.. doesnt matter in what, 200hours in a light single will be 200 hours more than a lot of folks. Instructing for free hours may be an option depending on where you are.
2. Take up additional courses.. anything safety related is good, does not have to be aviation but should be recognized by national bodies. OSHA, work related safety, if anything these will help you give good answers in the interview in addition to giving the impression you're not sitting back and doing nothing. These course are usually provided at nominal costs.
3. If you have access to funds, a degree in aviation/aeronautics helps put you ahead of the pack.

I agree with the rest that offering to work for free is not good .. and you will be severely disadvantaged when it comes to the interview as there will likely be rated pilots looking for the same job. Good luck.

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