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My first ones were a two implant 4 crown arch on the front 4 which is what the OP is asking about. I had a variety of crowns on post break or come out before I went that way so they had underlying infections and bone graft was needed. That was 5 or 6 months and even then bone was still a bit soft so implants were submerged (nothing sticking out) and the cap added after another 5 months or so and then a month to heal the gums before crowns could be fitted. It was more than a year and a lot of moola as you can imagine in S California. That was 7 years ago and it has been great. If you have had bridge for 20 years it is hard to see how you wouldnt also need a bone graft.

Since then I have been working may way through other 'goners' and in fact this week had two in a bone graft at the back where they have been missing for 20 years. I should have a full set touch wood for the first time in 40 years. They all have to be given time I think unless you have perfect bone in the first place. In terms of discomfort I would say
extraction 10 - by far and away the worst bit during and after
bone graft 4-6 (although still a 10 if it is with an extraction) depending on how much old bad stuff has to be scraped away
implants into bone graft 5 (there are still soft spots that have to be scraped out again if they have used screws in the big lumps of bone.
implant into your own healthy bone 2

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