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BALPLA held a webinar today on EasyJet MPL Cadets who have had their contracts terminated, cadets were strongly reminded this was not any form of redundancy as they never worked for EZY and that as per their contract this programme always carried risk.

Options still remain to
A) Continue MPL Training and find an operator to self fund/sponsor your training
B) Convert to whitetail ATPL at significant cost, figure still hidden but minimum around 30k (excluding TR)
C) Cut any losses and end training with anything unspent returned.

After much anticipation of advice, BALPAs answer today was "Wait and see" and provided little help to anyone.
A number of cadets are looking at option B/C and at least one is considering filing for personal bankruptcy if things don't improve sometime next year as they will not be able to meet loan payments, some who have completed the ME stage are considering alternative careers.

For once none of this is speculation or hype, amongst everything else the pilot training industry has truly come crashing down taking people with it.

Save your time and money folks, commercial aviation's doors are well and truly closed to newbies and with the second wave and further lockdowns imminent, who knows what will emerge afterwards. Stay safe.
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