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Originally Posted by Downwind.Maddl-Land View Post
I thought it a good programme too, but would have preferred to have seen more of the Lancaster as well; especially the inside. The Great British Public is highly uneducated on the conditions pertaining inside a Brit Heavy Bomber of WWII vintage and this was a missed opportunity to demonstrate the conditions the Bomber Boys had to endure; the other thing is that SWC's "Never in the field of human conflict" speech was equally directed at Bomber Command crews as well, so yesterday's transmission on BoB day was entirely appropriate.
I would say the focus was deliberately away from the Lanc, as itís all about the Battle of Britain and the anniversary.
Had seen the McGregor one before so avoided it as it felt like a self promotion.

The programme I watched was the first of the new HS2 archeology series, fascinating digging up 60000 Victorian graves with the wooden coffins Surving and the plates too so you knew who they were.
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