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MTPA, I wouldn't be surprised if the RAFBF PR/Press team knows exactly what the Beeb likes and gives them a story they will be sure to go with. That way everybody wins; RAFBF gets its publicity (and hence more funds hopefully), the Beeb gets another woke story they don't have to do for themselves, and "radar women" get their rightful place in the spotlight. Who can possibly object? Well me for one, but who cares as long as the ends justify the means?

I realise I will be accused of making a mountain out of an insignificant molehill, but that is exactly how the Beeb has changed since the Coltishall 1961 BoB video above (I notice the ORs address the interviewer as Sir, while the 'accounting' officer blithely explains away the display costs as essential continuation training, unchallenged!). It has an agenda which is promoted by an endless diet of woke (the term has now been commandeered from whatever its original meaning might have been) molehills. That is why I baulk at 'Radar Women'!
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