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Originally Posted by Landflap View Post
MrMac ; You "guess" that you will have to get the jab. Now you are getting the bigger picture. Lots more coming on down the road fella !.

Joli : Amen to that. Wondered where I would get my larf of the day. Very worried (!)
I think you have the wrong end of the stick with me. I will be having the jab much the same as I have to have many other jabs and ant Malarial tablets due to where I have worked. Been doing this for years with no reaction so my comment was on VP reaction to this years Flue vaccine. I will be having this, as I have unfortunately seen what happens when you do not take them or indeed have access to them first hand. I recommend you spend time in some 3rd world countries and see the results up close and personal to see the results of none vaccination and not listen to that self publicist and arse wipe the ex Dr Wakefield.
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