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Frankly, airlines aren't going to be hiring for a number of years, 3-4 perhaps? I'd be gobsmacked if easyjet hire so much as a new cleaner before 2023. That means that someone finishing an MPL now would potentially be a minimum of 3 years out of recency by the time that jobs become available. I know that technically recency can be re-validated with a 2hr sim but in what world would an airline hire a pilot that has bungled his way through an LPC 3 times or more and has the sum total of 6hrs of 'flying time' in the previous 3 years. I mean bungled in the nicest possible way, but with a type rating and 12 months off, you'll be going along for the ride in a LPC with a sympathetic trainer. A signature on your paperwork doesn't make you a sky god. That is compared to someone who has a CPL without a type rating, so no recency on type to worry about. They will do a type rating when the time comes, finish the 40hrs to be up-to-date on the A320 as can be. Don't forget, in 3 years time, you'll not be competing with other fresh CPLs anyway, you'll be competing with Thomas Cook, Virgin, British Airways, easyJet captains and first officers with upwards of 10,000hrs!

Anyone considering continuing an MPL (as a white-tail as CAE are trying the hard sell on) is mad if they think that they have any appeal to the airlines. Only a few of them in Europe understand the license, if you don't have an EU passport, there is potentially only 1 company that has any actual experience of MPL zero hours cadets now. The rest of them will flatly ignore you. That is awful probably to read and it isn't the end of the world, but the training department of any decent airline just won't want to take that risk on. You won't be jumping any queues, I think the opposite is probably far more likely.

I apprecieate this advice doesn't help people right at the end of training or those with an MPL, but might help those part way through consider the risk they're taking. Be prepared to spend some serious cash to get yourself saleable. For anyone part way through training, take indefinate leave and reconsider your options down the road. If you have completed it, save some money, then get a MEP rating and do a CPL skills test in a few years time.

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