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You are so full of yourself. People have different circumstances in life and make decisions accordingly. Just because you reached a conclusion doesn't make you right and everyone else "dumb" or "naive" for selecting another path in training.

No disrespect to your superpowers but no-one else apart from you could've expect a global disaster like this. I was one of those "dumb" people you refer to who did my training with CTC and was tagged with an airline before I even finished my training. I knew full well the actual cost was 60k but was happy to fork out double that because i knew that was the cost of having and keeping a job after. Thanks to Training Bond Scheme offered by CTC, I'm now sitting on a 60k+ redundancy package if they want to get rid of me. All of the sudden I'm not so stupid or naive am I?

I wish you success and compassion in your adventures
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