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Originally Posted by Zapp_Brannigan View Post
What do you mean by "everything"?
Halve your salary? Work for free? Pay to fly?
Where does it stop?
I hope you still have some pride in you.
The next two years will be tough, but there's a post-covid world in which aviation is very likely to play a big role again.
From your posts, you seem fairly young. Think long about how you want your 35-40 years of career to be.

Wow all you pessimistic pilots need to calm down!
Will I halve my salary? Well I believe we are all going to have to take some sort of pay cut (hopefully temporary) or RRO (over 2 years). So yes I am willing to take a pay cut to save my job. If I can afford a RRO I will do that also. To save MY job and the jobs of OTHERS!

Will I work for free? Don't be ridiculous!
Will I pay to fly? This shows your immaturity during this situation, so I won't even answer this question.

I am a professional pilot and probably started here with more experience than most captains had when they joined, so the name calling and all the attacking of my experience won't bother me. Sticks and stones.

The question is will the top 1/3 pilots take a Temporary pay cut? Say 35%(everyone should be on the same pay cut)? Or are you not bothered about saving other people jobs and families?
Because everyone in the bottom 2/3 will take a cut etc. Believe me.

I am not here to argue over the what if's but simply state my intention in the upcoming months. Everyone needs to rethink their living and financial situations for the next 2 years. Its gonna be tough but we all can get through this and come out stronger on the other side.

Positive vibes!
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