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Originally Posted by herewego75 View Post
In some parts of the world it's the beginning of Spring in other parts of the world its the beginning of Autumn. Life is continuing in some parts of the world. Let's get some positive energy out there for the month. I will personally do everything I can to save my job and the jobs of my colleagues! I hope that feeling is felt across the pilot group if it comes to some sort of vote.

Positive vibes everyone!
What do you mean by "everything"?
Halve your salary? Work for free? Pay to fly?
Where does it stop?
I hope you still have some pride in you.
The next two years will be tough, but there's a post-covid world in which aviation is very likely to play a big role again.
From your posts, you seem fairly young. Think long about how you want your 35-40 years of career to be.
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