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Originally Posted by 250 kts View Post
Hopefully "got rid" is that they agreed to take VR. I understand things at Edinburgh got a bit tense when a couple of older ATCOs, and we're talking late 60s declined to take a deal to go. It's finished up with all taking a reduction in hours and salary. Quite why any one would still want to be doing the job, no matter how pleasing it is, at that age is beyond me. Life really is too short!
Agree with the translation of "got rid", you would hope that someone within a year or so of retirement would grab a chance to take the ultimate early go and enjoy life. Hadn't heard that about EGPH, didn't even realise they had ATCOs in their late 60s! Why would any sane person not take a package to go at that age? That will make for a very uncomfortable working environment, don't suppose any of their "colleagues" will be going out of their way to do them any favours. Most ATCOs I know are planning how quickly they can retire while they still have the health to enjoy retirement. Is this maybe a case of fiscally aware Scots?
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